This PDF carries full nutritional and allergen information on our entire Feel Great Menu, listed by range and recipe.

Our menu is designed to make you feel great. So how do we achieve this?

Well, firstly we design recipes which have enough calories and carbs to keep hunger pangs away - otherwise why eat at all? But our recipes carry little excess fat, as little sugar as we can get away with and contain a sensible number of calories so you can stay looking your beautiful self!

We grill, steam and bake, never fry.

We use high quality protein such as superior grade salmon and British, Red Tractor farm assured chicken.

We also have a variety of portion sizes such as pick and mix Shwraps® so you can control your calories without compromising what you eat.

We’re completely transparent about what’s in our recipes and display calories, total fat and saturated fat on all our price labels in store. In fact we’ve been doing this for years and it’s good to see others now following suit.

We’re very proud of how honest and healthy our menu is and like to shout about it!