Fresh ingredients

We use the highest quality ingredients we can afford, not the cheapest we can get away with. Daily deliveries to each of our shops ensure our recipes are bursting with flavour, nutrition and freshness.

Fruit & veg

We spend more on fruit and veg than anything else. This speaks volumes about how genuinely fresh and healthy our menu is. Sourced and delivered each morning and British whenever possible.


Fresh nutty Hass avocados. Delivered to us in perfect condition from special ripening rooms. Tricky to handle but gorgeous when they’re just right!


Fresh coriander, dill, parsley, chives and mint - lovely big bunches of the stuff that we use widely across our menu.


Superior grade salmon, supplied to us fresh each day from the UK’s fishmongers. Premium quality, ethically farmed and sustainable. Our highly skilled teams cut the fillets in our shop kitchens.


Our yellow fin tuna is sustainably sourced from the warm waters around the Philippines. It’s certified by Friends of the Sea and caught on a traditional pole and line.

Rare miso salmon

Premium grade salmon, marinated in our homemade miso broth, then cooked rare to ensure a better texture and delicate flavour.


British and only ever free range (of course!).


Salad dressings and sauces made for us by hand to our own closely guarded recipes.