Handcrafted coffee

For years everyone told us that a shop selling sushi and noodles couldn't also sell coffee. They said it made no sense. Fortunately we're a stubborn bunch and didn't listen! We now have a fast growing legion of loyal, coffee-loving customers. Here's why.

Firstly, we’re proud to serve only Climpson & Sons coffee. These award winning coffee roasters have designed a blend exclusively for Abokado which mirrors our light, healthy, feel great menu. The result is a coffee which delivers a complex flavour with citrus and treble tones and a well-rounded flavour.

Our beans are 100% Arabica and sourced exclusively from the renowned Daterra Estate in Minas Gerais, Brazil. They’re traded directly with the farmer and lovingly hand-roasted right here in London.

Our baristas dedicate themselves to delivering the ultimate coffee experience. They really understand the science behind espresso making and are passionate about what they do. Because of this, our hand-crafted coffees go way beyond what a lot of our ‘button-pushing’ competitors are able to offer.

Our baristas are happy to make your coffee exactly how you want it (go on - they love a challenge) - we understand coffee is a very personal thing and want to set you up just right for whatever you've got planned for your day.

We have an intentionally short menu which allows us to concentrate purely on perfecting your coffee. No syrups or frappawhatsits at Abokado! But as you'd expect we do offer skinny, full-fat and soya milk and also decaf, all for no extra charge. We also never, ever reheat milk (at Abokado that's a sin punishable with an instant coffee!) - our milk has to be as silky and smooth as our baristas.

Alongside our coffee, you’ll also find we have a wonderful range of loose leaf teas in pyramid infusion bags. These range from classics like English Breakfast to slightly more unusual varieties such as Gunpowder Green.

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