Environmental Impact

At Abokado, we’re conscious of the impact we have on the environment and have always done our best to be a responsible member of society. In some areas we've led the market, in others quite frankly we could have acted faster. We want you to feel confident that your visits to Abokado are having a positive impact so here are some highlights of how we do business ethically. Keep pushing us to do more!

Absolutely the number one concern and responsibility of all restaurant and food brands should be to encourage more plant-based eating. Over-farming of livestock is a huge environmental issue. If we don't get a grip on this as a species, it makes it impossible to reduce global emissions. At Abokado we understand that the best way to encourage more meat-free meals isn't to get all preachy but to create delicious recipes which our customers actually crave! 3/4 of our menu is now meat-free, half is veggie and an astonishing 1/3 is vegan. No compromise necessary.

Switching to card-only packaging was a real challenge for a business such as ours but we're proud to have made huge strides in this area. Our goal is to reduce our single-use packaging by a further 20% over the next two years.

Help us waste fewer coffee cups. Bring your own keep-cup and we'll give you 25p off your coffee as a thank you. This initiative has already saved hundreds of thousands of paper cups.

We'll happily give you free tap water in any Abokado and this will help reduce single-use plastics. We've offered this since 2004, long before it became fashionable. The fact is London tap water is delicious, so why drink anything else?

Drop your waste in our bins safe in the knowledge that we have industry-leading levels of recycling. Our partners, First Mile, recycle two thirds of all the waste they collect. That compares to an average of only 33% across London. Our waste goes to a state-of-the-art sorting and processing facility. Nothing to landfill. Anything which can't be recycled is used to produce green energy. Our partners are proud to be carbon neutral too.

Our suppliers are wonderful. Each has been hand-picked by Mark because they share our values, our commitment to quality and because they do business responsibly. We source locally wherever possible, minimising food miles and ensuring we are supporting our community. Many of our partnerships stretch right back to 2004.

Our superior-grade salmon (fresh from the icy Norwegian Fjords) is farmed and fished responsibly with superior feed, a lower stocking density and superior husbandry. Does it taste better because of this? We think so.

We have switched our entire range of cutlery from single-use plastic to corn starch. This was pretty costly but the right thing to do.

Our stores are now about 90% digital, reducing the amount of paper we use.

We use reclaimed materials widely across our restaurants and have invested in energy-efficient equipment wherever feasible.