Fruit & veg

We spend more on fruit and veg than anything else. This speaks volumes about how genuinely fresh and healthy our menu is. Sourced and delivered each morning and British whenever possible.


Fresh nutty Hass avocados. Delivered to us in perfect condition from special ripening rooms. Tricky to handle but gorgeous when they’re just right!


Fresh coriander, dill, parsley, chives and mint - lovely big bunches of the stuff that we use widely across our menu.


Superior grade salmon, supplied to us fresh each day from the UK’s fishmongers. Premium quality, ethically farmed and sustainable. Our highly skilled teams cut the fillets in our shop kitchens.


Our yellow fin tuna is sustainably sourced from the warm waters around the Philippines. It’s certified by Friends of the Sea and caught on a traditional pole and line.

Rare miso salmon

Premium grade salmon, marinated in our homemade miso broth, then cooked rare to ensure a better texture and delicate flavour.


Premium grade sushi and brown/wild rice. Meticulously rinsed, steamed and prepared to ensure the perfect texture and taste. Our sushi rice contains a special vinegar to enhance the flavour. We are obsessive about rice quality!

Glass noodles

Also known as vermicelli noodles and not to be confused with rice noodles, these are fat free, free of gluten and low in calories.


Our wasabi is made from finely grated Wasabia Japonica. This member of the Brassicaceae family is tricky and expensive to grow so most companies offer a cheap horseradish, mustard, food colouring and preservatives substitute. Yuk! Enjoy 100% natural, 100% authentic wasabi at Abokado.


British and only ever free range (of course!).

Chargrilled chicken

British Red Tractor farm assured chicken thigh, carefully steamed so it remains moist and then lightly chargrilled. Full of flavour.


Salad dressings and sauces made for us by hand to our own closely guarded recipes.


Wheat bran tortillas - far superior to the standard bleached tortillas. A much better flavour and texture.


100% Arabica beans, hand roasted for us in London in small batches, using traditional methods which deliver outstanding results.


Just like bagel bakeries in New York, our bagels are made by forming dough into a round shape then dropping it into boiling water. The bagels stay in the boiling water for a few minutes before being transferred to an oven for baking. We’re proud that our bagels are still made in this traditional way. It also ensures their distinctive chewy outer layer and wonderfully soft middle!

Cakes and Slices

Handmade for us in small batches using fresh, natural ingredients. Gluten free wherever possible.

Frozen Yoghurt

Our frozen yoghurt is 99% fat free. It’s made to a special recipe that gives it a wonderful texture and a flavour that’s not overly sweet. An indulgent yet healthy treat!