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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you'd like to get in touch with us please click here.






I have a meeting. Do you deliver?

Absolutely! Let us take care of this for you with our fabulous deliveries service. Simply click here to order.







My company would like to set up a credit account for deliveries?

If you order regularly and would like to be considered for a credit account please email deliveries@abokado.com. If you have any other questions related to our deliveries service please click here.

Where is your food made?

Just where you’d expect – in our shop kitchens! We wake very early, when the rest of London is tucked up in bed to make our feel great menu daily from scratch. Freshness is everything.

Do you donate your unsold food?

We hate waste and donate all our unsold food to registered charities who are able to collect daily. If you’re interested in this then please drop us a line through our feedback page.

Do you franchise?

No. We own all our stores and that’s how we like it. We have no plans to change.

Can you give my company a discount?

We would love to, but unfortunately not. We pride ourselves on offering a fantastic quality product, backed up by fast and friendly service. If we offered selective discounts we would head down the path of using cheaper ingredients or paying our hardworking staff less, or not taking as much care of our stores. We know you wouldn’t want us to do any of those things. So we don’t offer discounts, no matter how large your office is, how lovely you are or how many times you ask… :)

Do you have a loyalty scheme?

We have a very generous loyalty scheme for our fantastic handcrafted coffee. The rest of our menu is priced competitively to ensure it’s always good value.

Some of our competitors run loyalty schemes but have higher headline prices so they can afford to run these schemes. We would rather offer every-day great value!

I’m pregnant. Can I eat your sushi?

According to the FSA you should only eat raw fish that has previously been frozen. Our superior quality salmon is fresh but our line caught tuna has been frozen so according to FSA advice is safe for you if you’re pregnant.

Is any of your meat Halal?


Are you opening more stores?

Yes, absolutely. In London for now, then we’ll look further afield. We won’t stop until the world is ours!